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TROPHY HUNT AMERICA is unique in a way that it gives me an opportunity to book clients with the outfitters I work with and in many cases can arrange to personally guide those that use this service.



I am licensed to guide in all of the provinces we hunt and book clients in, as well as several states in the US.

Due to the varity of custom hunts that I arrange for our clients it is very difficult to post a price list and hunt information here on this site.

If you are interested in a specific hunt and species, contact us and I will give you the current information we have from our outfitters that will help you to make your decission on booking a hunt of a life time with us.

WALT PALMER purchased the California Governors' Grizzly Island TULE ELK Auction Tag
Walt Palmer with the Nevada Govenors California Bighorn Auction tag Ram we hunted with G&J Outdoors this may be the archery state record
Brent took this 7'4" boar on a hound hunt on a bay up
Larry Weekley with his 67" Alaska/Yukon bull
Walt Palmer and Brent with super Sitka Blacktail...... Sitkalidik Island Alaska
Doug Prince with his 34" Aoudad Davis Mtns. West Texas
Doug Prince B&C Billy
Jaguar Research Project Donors Tom Hoffman and George Harmes with the huge jaguar George darted on the trip in Paraguay South America
Capt.Bob Kirwan and I took this B&C Bareren Ground Muskox in Nunavut
My Good friend Walt Palmer finished his P&Y SUPER SLAM with this Barren Ground Caribou DeLong Mtns. AK
Kyle Hartwick with his Wyoming Pronghorn
Bill Campbell with his Desert Bighorn , Mexico
Michael Scagnelli, NY with his big tom Lynx from BC
Brent with Bob Senter and his B&C Atlantic Walrus Foxe Basin Nunavut
Brent and Ray Mancuso Polar Bear Devon Island Nunavut
Don Miko Alberta Whitetail
Dean Beaumann with his Huge B&C Newfoundland Caribou
Denis Tumarkin Moskow ,Russia and Brent with the B&C Wild Wood Bison Denis took on the North Arm of Great Bear Lake near Becheko, NWT